Sunday in our way to church

Today in the car in our way to Mass, I was talking with my children and my toddler nephew who spent last night in our home. DH was already there because he went to a little job meeting before, so I was driving alone with the children seated in their respective busters at the back.

During certain moment of conversation my first, told to his little sister and his cousin that we were going to church because we have to be grateful with God and we have to thank him because we have a family.

I felt my heart completely full! My almost five year boy was capable to explain the essential with few words!!

That means he understands in what we believe.

That means that we have been able to teach him about our tradition, our faith and God.

At least he understands to be able to explain, unless he wasn't able to pay attention most of the time later.

I felt that I was beeing payed for so many times his loudly tiny voice was heared all around when I tooked him with me to church. Pay me back the day when I took him in the stroller and he spill all over the place his milk beause he learned patiently how to open the bottle during the homily. Or the day I stayed very prudently outside near a loudspeaker, but our priest saw us and took me and him to the first line. And he demonstrated the worst behaviour I ever knew.

Anyway. I really feel that this little explanation is a milestone about the dedicated work my husband and I, and indeed his school catechism teacher, have done.

This makes me appreciate more the task of being mother and to remind which are my truly priorities.

An extraordinary gift for any given sunday,  isn't?

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