Great things happen when we endure patiently in everyday life.

What a joy! 

Great things happen when we endure patiently in everyday life.

Something big has been happening for the last 19 years: the seed of featuring Cr.Ms Fer.tilityCare/Na.Pr.o TECHN.OLOGY in spanish speaking nations is becoming a little, but beautiful, tree of life.

The largest ibero american delegation until today in the history of Fe.rtilityCar.e Professi.onals Programs and Lo.ve & Li.fe Unli.mited Conference of the P.ope P.aul VI Inst.itute, is this week participating in class 35.

Seven professionals of Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil with a priest of Mexico and another from Cuba are right now preparing themselves at Omaha, Nebraska.

The inspiration began to take form with the commitment of a mexican doctor who has know to be patient and persevere in prayers. This was in 1994 and a long and hard way delivered a precious gift: in 2009 a crazy, fearless and inspiring woman AMTTBAM, took care of the little seed.

After then, greatly because of tons of prayers that you, community, have offer, the Grace of Our Lord under the sight of Our Holy Mother has miraculously multiplied this small daily and hidden efforts. By 2012, over ten (10) professionals from Mexico, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, Spain and Colombia have finished this programs and now are working silently in many fronts back in their places of origin as well as US. During last 2 years Dr. Tho.mas W. Hilge.rs, Dr. Cath.erine K.eefe and Dr. Car.los Alda.na have traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia and Argentina continue spreading the word. 

Each day, new clients coming from all this countries very loved by Our Mother in her advocation of Guadalupe, are asking to be taught. 

And more to come!

The miracle is that when year 2013 finishes, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Gibraltar and USA will be harbor of at least 14 CrM.s Fertil.ityCa.re prog.rams available to teach in spanish throughout the world!

Definetely a confirmation that great things happen when we endure patiently in everyday life. A confirmation that comes as a reminder of the permanent openness of the door of faith!


News from Omaha

Dear blogger community:
Because of a providential mistake I arrived yesterday to Omaha. My program as F.C.P.I will begin until monday. So I am two days ahead.

Why it is a providential mistake?
1. I arrived before the tornado outbreak.
2. I got many hours to get adapted! My body will forget the jet lag and that will be better during the week. And I feel great!
3. I will have time to go shopping
4. I am hearing THE conference with Dr. H about NaP.ro Tech.nology with 50 medical doctors. I am the only F.C.P.I sitting in the chair will all of these professionals. And of course and I am learning a lot about the perspective they have and the way they think, in order to find a way to promote all of this in Latinamerican region.

Of course, I am so happy about seeing Dr. H and all the P.P.V.I Institute team.


I did not get to Omaha to die.

Just landed for Education Phase. I found that between tomorrow and sunday there will be a high possibility of tornadoes. I hope it just stays in the atmosphere

Everything goes OK. Even though I am still with jet lag.
It was a journey that began well, but I sleep almost in Dallas. Good thing no!I Did 45 minutes on immigration row.  And I hear singing angels when I heard the stamp on my passport and immigration form. After 45 minutes did another row in the security checkpoint. It was 17:55 when I was turning to put the shoes once the x-ray machine. 5 minutes in the Skylink. The flight was scheduled to leave at 18 hours. And what happened? I can affirm God loves me. My connecting flight to Omaha departed 34 minutes ahead.

Finally, beginning an intense week of work. Several things for which to offer and trust that God heard my prayers.

With this week will complete the education program as Fert.ilityC.arePractiti.oner. In a million years would have thought that would be in Omaha discussing cervical mucus and menstruation.

Very happy.

I ask for prayers :)

If anyone needs something from here, just write me.


Lenten Prayer Buddy reveal and comments about Mass at the Bicentennial Park with Pope Benedict XVI

I've been a little bit busy...

Only a little...
  • Preparing to leave again my home for a week to Oma.ha, after leaving it a long weekend celebrating 18 years of marriage, the next one traveling a total of 16 hours to attend Mass with The Pope. Then a whole week of Spring break with two kids aboard in a beautiful country house with friends. You can easily imagine the tons of homework that is still to be done.
  • Finishing (???) Supervised Practicum I (which means that I have to fill up forms for about than 40 forms for my required 8 Cr.M clients files). With two clients having high risk pregnancies, and me being curious to know, if there is any relationship between the fact that both of them thought they knew Bill.ing´s or just my incapacity to teach them well.) At least I have the minimum required number of clients! 
  • And of course, leaving professional projects and assignments just in the beggining of the new trimester, the one of the accountants and tax payments...
...total MADNESS. 

So all of this has been offered on behalf my prayer buddy: SK from 

A privilege to know her, and to maintain during this long lent her intentions in my avid of action, but thirsty of peace, heart.

I know that I owe to blog about the Mass with the Pope. So, here it is.

What I can tell? AwesomeWe leave on Saturday weekJust at 1:00 p.m.. Finally joined us in the same car, a dear couple of friends with their ​​teenager daughter.

We did 7 hours on the road. The last 4 in what should have been done in 1 hour. The only road was closed because The 
Pope was traveling. Finally we arrived about 20 hours and we were able to wait in the street an join an incredible crowd standing in all avenues of León, escorting the step of His Holiness.

Then, as night and excitedly tried to sleepWhich was not possible for me because even with great kindness, the room provided was next to a main street in downtown. Buses, taxis, people, the entire night. At 3:10 am on Sunday I opened my eyes that never sleep. We got ready and picked up at 3:45. At that time we were on our way to where the Mass would beWhat was going to wait to us?!! There were expected more than a half a million people.

At 4 am we reached a place where we could leave the van parked.What we did not think was that there were at least 3,000 souls doing the same! A row of 2 hours to pick us up in a small bus. But, with tickets A in our hands! So, no complain! Besides, everybody praying, singing, people laughing and sharing faith.

Finally we get into the little bus. And few miles ahead, a lot of traffic on the road. 2 hours more in a row of hundreds of vehicles. But we wait praying and with a joy that cannot be describedAlways reviewing the intentions of my Lent Prayer Buddy 2012. Along with this, remembering those intentions of who asked me to take them to the Mass. Each one, be sure! Dear Prayer Buddy, I can assure you had communication with God. And all of us were confident we would arrive despite such amount of obstacles!

There were still 6 miles to walk where we left the bus! And it was a little bit after 8 AM.That's when I began to realize that we would be together so many people and that the road was very narrow. We walked until 9 or so. When we arrived at our door, we realized tickets to correspond to about 8 sections over a thousand people each one! But it was only a total of 8,000 of 640,000 that was said were arriving to the Mass!The couple who came in the car with us, stayed with the aunt of 70 years old. This extraordinary woman, provided us with a bed to sleep in her house. They walked together with our friend's sister along with her teenage daughter. This was the ticket B team.

We continue with P and R and my husband toward the zone with tickets area A. But because we were enthusiastic and accepting, when we got to enter, a young women volunteer, gave us a new ticket with the name A1 BAMBOO on it. And by a strange reason, she gave our husbands passes to a zone named PINE A1. This was a mistake. But the Mass was going to begin and they do not have any other tickets to assign, so we walked with our tickets in. 

Still we had to go to the sections of the park, each one gathering at leas 1,000 people. We went to the center seeking to recognize what the new ticket belong and a place in which we could get all four.  We passed through the center of the park, just down the stairs. Amazing to know that the Mass would begin in a few minutes. Few minutes after that, we found that there was an entry in the central zone. And the guardian let the four of us to enter! Only then, we realized why. The presidential guards had taken the space and were waiting for Mexico´s President! So they let some people to their rightful places that were booking and let us go to space we sought standing in the aisles of the section. Interestingly the hall with more space was the center left. There he waited in the sun the time left to reach the Pope, made the journey and the Mass began. We had the Missal and the hand, but no chairs! No matter. We were right in the middle and almost in the front! Thanks to all for your prayers that take to us up to there.

Then the Mass began, a long while after we arrived and after the Holy Father traveled along the park. Almost half an hour until the altar. When the sun began to rise, high and strong, my DH started to feel very bad. We could not go to any place! So he seated and I whispered my prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe image that was presiding the altar.

Eventually we moved, where he could sit back and could get something to drink. The sun was like in the middle of the desert, I promise. I must confess that I was only thinking how we would go out without having to walk. Transportation seem to be a miracle! But I decided to trust. 

The message of the sermon was clear: purify your hearts! Fight! Do not be afraid! With such clear words you speak to the Pope! Even the Mexican words pronounced clearly. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit in him.

Here is the link with the homily and the video of the celebration with the message to the American Continent: 

In the end, after the Angelus, something extraordinary happened to me. My husband tired, dizzy and in extreme exhaustion. Confirmed that something had gone wrong in his stomach. I still wondered how we could manage about transportation. And in some moment I shared with  DH. He is always trustful. So, according to his, he told me: "Easy! We went out and took the first bus we find" 
How?! Why he say that!? How many people were there that would do the same! Well, oddly enough, that's what happened. We walk, walk, walk and found a bus 4 miles down the hill. Our friend asked. They let us go. I could not believe it! We made another 3 hours back to town. But sitting in a luxury bus with air conditioning in the middle of a heat of about 100 farehnheit. After four hours we finally all met at a restaurant. We ate and talked for long. We enjoyed the chat. In total 15 people, adults and children of our friends ( they stayed with relatives during the Mass). Ours were in Mexico City with grandparents and godparents.

Finally, exhausted, at 20 hrs we started our way back to Mexico City. Praying we stayed awake while driving. We arrived at 12 at night to our home.

It was a journey with a total of 35 hours from Saturday to Sunday, 16 hours of them were or standing in a row, walking with hundreds of people, stocked in a car or in a bus!

One of the most extraordinary experiences in my life!


Pilgrimage to Hope: Pope Benedict XVI comes to America

The great gift is that we have tickets "area A" to get into a good place and attend Mass on Sunday 25 that Pope Benedict XVI will preside.

How? Truly a providential series of events from Tuesday until today.

On Monday we had only the promise of a bed in a house. And no ticket. On Tuesday, some friends got us 2 tickets to "Area C". At this point seriously thought about go, as we were required to arrive at 10 pm Saturday. Honestly, I did not have any craving for sleep in the open field. On Wednesday, some friends gave us 6 tickets "Area B" that do not required to sleep there. This fact that made my heart to move even though many other obstacles as leaving children at home. And finally on Friday, my husband spoke with a priest friend who works at the episcopal conference and we have 4 tickets "area A" in our hands!

So, we will go!

Tomorrow morning we will leave by car, with another couple who we invitedWe are going to leave Mexico City toward city of León, where the Pope arrived today at 16:14 local time.

We hope to arrive by 8 pm and stay in homes of people who do not know,but who generously offered us a room. We're supposed to be in the park where the celebration will be, at 6:00 am Sunday. 

We do not know whether it will open the road or have to walk a few kilometers. Surely the road will be full of buses of pilgrims. We do not know how many hours are on the way.

So are the real pilgrimages!

We are excited, we will meet with the Vicar of Christ!!

I'll be praying for the intentions of the blogging community. Specially for my dear Prayer Buddy for this Lent. And as well for Lena, and AMTTBAM. 

However, if any of you want to leave specific intentions, I will present them with great affection at mass. 
My email is begrobayoATgm.ail.com


I need to share my madness.

On March 19, we arrive at 18 years of marriage. It has been really an incredible journey! Days weaving an entire life together. Love of God has been present. We have received gifts in a million years would have dreamed of.
Some of these gifts were born of dry stones. Dry, but hard stones that come from daily work and delicate suffering which has mean Our Cross. Stones, which are the foundation of this marriage that has also been a gift from God. The two gifts that have been like living water are our two small children. Both gifts through adoption. 
I could go on listing the amount of incredible gifts over the years. Job opportunities, service to the things we think, learn, travel, meet wonderful people, friends who are there forever ...
Also the gift of saying goodbye to much loved peopleSlowly accompany them to their last breathPain and contradiction, but in the end a gift that not everyone pays attention.
And despite the very great progress in changing the paradigm about how to ask God for the gift of health, the mystery remains unsolvedInclusive, may soon have to say goodbye to my "infertile infertility."
I've learned to see what I have. Rather than mourn what I have notTherefore, I have clearly that what I see today is the tremendous improvement in my healthDespite that I still in search of more days of cervical mucus, or looking for a quality ovulationThe mystery remains hidden. What is the reason why we have never pregnant? Simple as that.
But, back to business. What we say today my cycles on my health and hormonal insanityI put my focus on what we have achieved. Why? Because I have learned that miracles need to be worked. The do not come alone. God needs your faith and also your action. And that is why I decided to post. I want to share my madness!!
First of all.
What do I have today? 42 years and since four cycles agoa stable long cycle. Dot. Large, but stable.
I am also starting to forget entirely what it was PMS, since I have not even a single symptom since 5 or 6 months ago. Additionally, I have a perfect luteal phase of 13 days or more, not less, for last 12 months! Now I can sleep and rest. My body definitely feels less pain. And more important, my soul has understood how to offer this pain.
That's a lot for someone who has lost an ovary and lives to the menace of chronic fatigue, the threat of estrogen dominance and the shadow of death from breast cancer!
As Einstein would say "if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results."
Something has changed in my life objectivelyBefore, I could even say that I was so sick and I felled continously fear and sadness. Today I see life through different eyes. So what we have done differently?
I would say the turning point began when my dad's bipolar disorder was taking my brothers, sister and myself out of control. In that moment I reconnected with a doctor who knew very well my dad and that was academy member at the institute were I was doing the MBA. What did this doctor different? That instead of using drugs as first choice, he gave to me a vial of clear droplets that I should take four tiny drops, four times a day. What contained that strange medicineA preparation from a flower containing the "vibration" of an emotion similar to what my heart needed at that time. Flowers of Bach. This was my first acknowledge of bioenergetic medicine.
So I started taking them. And my life changed for the first timeIt was like opening a magic boxI was so excited that I learned of it gradually. Thanks to my drops I couldnot only complete the MBA in two years, but also enjoy it while having a full time job as executive director of a foundation.
Life changed, then the context has evolved alsoAt the end of this time we decided to adopt.
OK! I was almost graduated from the executive master and was bringing to life by myself an entire foundation. From nothing, to something. And we were just at the beginning of another impossible taskinternational adoption from Colombia to Mexico, and the interminable wait four years ahead that we don't even know how long it was going to take. Could anyone imagine how my soul and body felt in that moment?
So tons of patience! Where to buy itI was committed to do so, but I didn't find it. And I know my nature. I endure. I pay the price, but I learned and grew in the process. How? Thanks to the flowers!
Finally the wait was over and the first child arrives. How to overcome to live for 3 months without my husband and waiting time defined without the seal of the court that would make me mother? At the same time, do not forgetthat my health was terrible. In one month, at least two weeks spent ill with a cold. Always tired. Although I must confess that cheerful thanks to the prayer life I have endeavored to keep as a way to strengthen my faith. By the way, another gift from God. So, a path to faith. Discipline and a method. Learning to pray, from the very beginning. Attending daily Mass. Frequent communion. Spiritual direction. More gifts!!
During this time I lived in Colombia during three long months, and survived to court proceedings. We returned to Mexico. What was always in my bag? A bottle of rescue and my custom made vial with flowersBy then, I had completed a course with the Bach Institute in England. Already had the repertoire of the 38 flowers in vials with the essence mother. And had bought books, downloaded Internet references and had used and prescribed a thousand times the flowers for my husband, friends and family. Good practice, right?
We returned to Mexico and came a very difficult yearThe departure of my father. How I lived that long? Reading, researching, studying, learning, applying what I learned. How a person diesAnd many bioethical decisionsHow to handle the pain? Which means you need to give to a person terminally ill with cancer during last days? And how to discover when that aid can become a burden to say farewell to arms to the loving embrace of the Father?
More flowers, no doubt. And not only that! A wonderful doctor, a right intention as few people I know. Who? The gift of a Creigh.ton Mo.del teacher! Someone who had attended educational phases in Omaha, some years before. Not only taught me to do chartingbut also accompanied me as a pro life doctor, during the last days of life in the land of my beloved father. Prayers, seeking faith, emotions harmonized, patience, patience, patience...
Of course, all you have to do with fertility, was stash in a drawer in those days. The only thing I've got of that initial phase of Crei.ghton Mo.del Charting is controlling PMS a little bit. Not eliminating it as it has been nowadays, but just having the chance to control it. 
And I also got something better than any jewel over earth: a doctor with an active faith coherent with what she advised.
Sad days of saying good bye, and still chronic fatigue. Changes in my way to work. Being more a full time mother. Becoming overwhelmed. Trying to pray, sometimes arid, arid prayers. Nonsense, no answer. But  the way very clear. The Op.us D.ei way in my life. Order, friendship, commitment, help, deeper spiritual direction... Become Supe.rnum.erary. Something that has helped me a lot. Has in fact, transformed my faith. The way I ask every second of my life and pray to Our Mercy Lord. The most extraordinary blessing in my life!! Since this daily work in my life, there is no fears anymore, anymore sadness. It has been an spiritual transformation, but also a physical one. My heart has really changed!
And then more gifts...
Thanks to a very very good and beloved friend, I discovered something that definitely change my life. What is that? N.A.ET. Nambru.driprad's Aller.gy Elimin.ation Tecni-ques. Just amazing!
What it is for? A system to eliminate the scourge of allergies in my life. Not only physical but also emotionalI did not know how they were affecting my body. To say that I have more than 100 sessions working on it and there are still things to change
Action is very simple: You go to the office of the practitionerShe makes the first 15 sessions, a treatment session, the 15 substances from the cells, most people reject or have a kind of "allergy"Amazing things can change. For example, I had a serious problem with vitamin B and its derivativesHow I know? Because my skin is acne filled with one of these muscle injectionsNo doctor had told me why it was. Although an estimated dermatology doctor had diagnosed what happened to meNow I have clarity, what could have been doing in my body and my fertilityinability to use,  to assimilate a vitamin so essential for all nervous processes.
As I said, this was not an immediate change. However it has been a radical change. It's like adding bricks to go to a cathedral. And girlsI had to have patience!
Among the first session was almost 3 years and the last one was today, can be counted objectively the changes that have occurred in my body. To the extent that I have come to the stability of the cycles because several sessions have been used to correct step by step the huge hormonal disorder my body suffers.
How does it work? Very simple. There is a part in each session which is dedicated to find what is your body asking to change in its answerNormally I have symptoms of it. For example, since any episodes of sneezing to chronic constipation. Works with the same principle of Bach FlowerIn fact, many times, the session is intended to resolve an emotional overreaction that has manifestations in the body.
Having identified the problem, the doctor makes a massage in some points of the spinal bone, that is as if I were "disconnected" and then, you are "connected back"Then the operating system of the body, clears the response that is programmed, and learn how to answer without creating a prejudicial over response. After you are "re-ignite", your answer is differentReady!

I have used NAET with my children and husband also. We all are fans. For example. Today, my little girl got a sudden fever. In the morning she got a session dedicated to generate a new answer to her immune reaction to the environment that is being established with the new spring season.
I also used to help my eldest during his 20 day hospitalization with pneumococcus! And of course, always had near me Bach Flowers and used to maintain myself, husband and child.
Worst than a marathon! 
And still more amazing thing, was what was to come...