Pain with Jesus saves, without Jesus hurts.

True, right?

A friend told me some minutes ago about these words that are said by his uncle, a bishop, who is ill and that he uses to say phrases to teach and to help himself in keeping on the goal. (I ask prayers for him).

Little accident has consequences. Pain almost in all muscles in my body. It feels as if I had gone up to a 5,000 meters mountain in one day. Just made an appointment por relaxing massage. First step. Texting with my accupuncturist, who is our head family health advisor, told me about some specific tapping, which I will start right after blog. Second step. Some Juniper Just Cream in my muscles also. Third step.

Let's see how it works.

I have no longer sinusitis... ...now I have cough. Is not the pain, is the tiredness.

Anyway the point is about the change of attitute I am working on. REFRAME, as doctor Therese de Lisieux points. Best medicine ever.

For Na.Pro project in Mexico, my friend AMTTBM and I had a long session presenting, discussing and receiving spiritual advice. What a beatiful and motivating gift to go ahead! How many words I feeled I have to print in my soul!!

Something I catched is about the wrong concept of security we have, living in world with such materialistic mind surrounding. That is the task. Truly believing in God and leaving all in His hands. Wow! How!? I have to go to the bank, shop groceries, pay bills, my body aches, children scream, tasks to be done, contracts to be signed, finallly work to be done... ...this should be were I could find him and find real security and profund certaintity. But I have to confess that something happens... ...it's hard not to be a "control freak" of family processes. Maybe eternal tension between soul and body? Anyway I will we working on this. Suggestions accepted.

When you live, you feel. So that means that we can get ill. Pain. If you make a daily plan and it brokes down. Pain. Children needs something, let's say food. Mom or dad needs to go ahead at 3:00 AM... Work, human relations, familiar situations... ...Emotions, adrenaline, effort. More pain. Intolerance, frustration... So, how to use that to getting toward Jesus holding ours Holy Mother hand? OK. Also agree. But, how to reframe? Also suggestions accepted.

Bishop told us about a family who has live with father in coma for a long time. Event make family stronger, really a strong family, each member a better person, a strong faith also among them. So, what happens? That instead of seeing the "what for", they were asking "why". So they feel pain that hurts, instead of using that human pain for embrace Cross joyfully...

I am absolutely sure that each event in my life is for a "what for"... ...but, "what for"?

More to meditate about...

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