I did not get to Omaha to die.

Just landed for Education Phase. I found that between tomorrow and sunday there will be a high possibility of tornadoes. I hope it just stays in the atmosphere

Everything goes OK. Even though I am still with jet lag.
It was a journey that began well, but I sleep almost in Dallas. Good thing no!I Did 45 minutes on immigration row.  And I hear singing angels when I heard the stamp on my passport and immigration form. After 45 minutes did another row in the security checkpoint. It was 17:55 when I was turning to put the shoes once the x-ray machine. 5 minutes in the Skylink. The flight was scheduled to leave at 18 hours. And what happened? I can affirm God loves me. My connecting flight to Omaha departed 34 minutes ahead.

Finally, beginning an intense week of work. Several things for which to offer and trust that God heard my prayers.

With this week will complete the education program as Fert.ilityC.arePractiti.oner. In a million years would have thought that would be in Omaha discussing cervical mucus and menstruation.

Very happy.

I ask for prayers :)

If anyone needs something from here, just write me.


  1. Thank you!!! So appreciated!! And of course that all this intense work is an offering for your health and intentions.