News from Omaha

Dear blogger community:
Because of a providential mistake I arrived yesterday to Omaha. My program as F.C.P.I will begin until monday. So I am two days ahead.

Why it is a providential mistake?
1. I arrived before the tornado outbreak.
2. I got many hours to get adapted! My body will forget the jet lag and that will be better during the week. And I feel great!
3. I will have time to go shopping
4. I am hearing THE conference with Dr. H about NaP.ro Tech.nology with 50 medical doctors. I am the only F.C.P.I sitting in the chair will all of these professionals. And of course and I am learning a lot about the perspective they have and the way they think, in order to find a way to promote all of this in Latinamerican region.

Of course, I am so happy about seeing Dr. H and all the P.P.V.I Institute team.


  1. So exciting, B! Enjoy your time in Omaha!

    1. thank you! please keep me in your prayers!

  2. God always has a plan, even mistakes are part of it. Holding you in prayer.