Lenten Prayer Buddy reveal and comments about Mass at the Bicentennial Park with Pope Benedict XVI

I've been a little bit busy...

Only a little...
  • Preparing to leave again my home for a week to Oma.ha, after leaving it a long weekend celebrating 18 years of marriage, the next one traveling a total of 16 hours to attend Mass with The Pope. Then a whole week of Spring break with two kids aboard in a beautiful country house with friends. You can easily imagine the tons of homework that is still to be done.
  • Finishing (???) Supervised Practicum I (which means that I have to fill up forms for about than 40 forms for my required 8 Cr.M clients files). With two clients having high risk pregnancies, and me being curious to know, if there is any relationship between the fact that both of them thought they knew Bill.ing´s or just my incapacity to teach them well.) At least I have the minimum required number of clients! 
  • And of course, leaving professional projects and assignments just in the beggining of the new trimester, the one of the accountants and tax payments...
...total MADNESS. 

So all of this has been offered on behalf my prayer buddy: SK from 

A privilege to know her, and to maintain during this long lent her intentions in my avid of action, but thirsty of peace, heart.

I know that I owe to blog about the Mass with the Pope. So, here it is.

What I can tell? AwesomeWe leave on Saturday weekJust at 1:00 p.m.. Finally joined us in the same car, a dear couple of friends with their ​​teenager daughter.

We did 7 hours on the road. The last 4 in what should have been done in 1 hour. The only road was closed because The 
Pope was traveling. Finally we arrived about 20 hours and we were able to wait in the street an join an incredible crowd standing in all avenues of León, escorting the step of His Holiness.

Then, as night and excitedly tried to sleepWhich was not possible for me because even with great kindness, the room provided was next to a main street in downtown. Buses, taxis, people, the entire night. At 3:10 am on Sunday I opened my eyes that never sleep. We got ready and picked up at 3:45. At that time we were on our way to where the Mass would beWhat was going to wait to us?!! There were expected more than a half a million people.

At 4 am we reached a place where we could leave the van parked.What we did not think was that there were at least 3,000 souls doing the same! A row of 2 hours to pick us up in a small bus. But, with tickets A in our hands! So, no complain! Besides, everybody praying, singing, people laughing and sharing faith.

Finally we get into the little bus. And few miles ahead, a lot of traffic on the road. 2 hours more in a row of hundreds of vehicles. But we wait praying and with a joy that cannot be describedAlways reviewing the intentions of my Lent Prayer Buddy 2012. Along with this, remembering those intentions of who asked me to take them to the Mass. Each one, be sure! Dear Prayer Buddy, I can assure you had communication with God. And all of us were confident we would arrive despite such amount of obstacles!

There were still 6 miles to walk where we left the bus! And it was a little bit after 8 AM.That's when I began to realize that we would be together so many people and that the road was very narrow. We walked until 9 or so. When we arrived at our door, we realized tickets to correspond to about 8 sections over a thousand people each one! But it was only a total of 8,000 of 640,000 that was said were arriving to the Mass!The couple who came in the car with us, stayed with the aunt of 70 years old. This extraordinary woman, provided us with a bed to sleep in her house. They walked together with our friend's sister along with her teenage daughter. This was the ticket B team.

We continue with P and R and my husband toward the zone with tickets area A. But because we were enthusiastic and accepting, when we got to enter, a young women volunteer, gave us a new ticket with the name A1 BAMBOO on it. And by a strange reason, she gave our husbands passes to a zone named PINE A1. This was a mistake. But the Mass was going to begin and they do not have any other tickets to assign, so we walked with our tickets in. 

Still we had to go to the sections of the park, each one gathering at leas 1,000 people. We went to the center seeking to recognize what the new ticket belong and a place in which we could get all four.  We passed through the center of the park, just down the stairs. Amazing to know that the Mass would begin in a few minutes. Few minutes after that, we found that there was an entry in the central zone. And the guardian let the four of us to enter! Only then, we realized why. The presidential guards had taken the space and were waiting for Mexico´s President! So they let some people to their rightful places that were booking and let us go to space we sought standing in the aisles of the section. Interestingly the hall with more space was the center left. There he waited in the sun the time left to reach the Pope, made the journey and the Mass began. We had the Missal and the hand, but no chairs! No matter. We were right in the middle and almost in the front! Thanks to all for your prayers that take to us up to there.

Then the Mass began, a long while after we arrived and after the Holy Father traveled along the park. Almost half an hour until the altar. When the sun began to rise, high and strong, my DH started to feel very bad. We could not go to any place! So he seated and I whispered my prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe image that was presiding the altar.

Eventually we moved, where he could sit back and could get something to drink. The sun was like in the middle of the desert, I promise. I must confess that I was only thinking how we would go out without having to walk. Transportation seem to be a miracle! But I decided to trust. 

The message of the sermon was clear: purify your hearts! Fight! Do not be afraid! With such clear words you speak to the Pope! Even the Mexican words pronounced clearly. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit in him.

Here is the link with the homily and the video of the celebration with the message to the American Continent: 

In the end, after the Angelus, something extraordinary happened to me. My husband tired, dizzy and in extreme exhaustion. Confirmed that something had gone wrong in his stomach. I still wondered how we could manage about transportation. And in some moment I shared with  DH. He is always trustful. So, according to his, he told me: "Easy! We went out and took the first bus we find" 
How?! Why he say that!? How many people were there that would do the same! Well, oddly enough, that's what happened. We walk, walk, walk and found a bus 4 miles down the hill. Our friend asked. They let us go. I could not believe it! We made another 3 hours back to town. But sitting in a luxury bus with air conditioning in the middle of a heat of about 100 farehnheit. After four hours we finally all met at a restaurant. We ate and talked for long. We enjoyed the chat. In total 15 people, adults and children of our friends ( they stayed with relatives during the Mass). Ours were in Mexico City with grandparents and godparents.

Finally, exhausted, at 20 hrs we started our way back to Mexico City. Praying we stayed awake while driving. We arrived at 12 at night to our home.

It was a journey with a total of 35 hours from Saturday to Sunday, 16 hours of them were or standing in a row, walking with hundreds of people, stocked in a car or in a bus!

One of the most extraordinary experiences in my life!

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