Advent Journey Part I

Day 1, Sunday 27 November. CD 17
Feeling in the middle line. No pain, energy neither. Making an effort and thinking about my Advent Prayer buddy, the task of making the second part of breakfast. The first was done by DH. Not enough. Delicious sugared crepres. My children and I so spoiled by dad. Thanks!! Love you!

Advent Mass and an extraordinary homily. Priest talked about living faith as a way of acquiring "membership rewards" to enter to Heaven. He said that Advent is Jesus who wants to born in our hearts. He wants us to trust in him  Deep matter of meditation on His Holy Sacred Heart. I liked it!!

We saw some friends. Cold day and with warm conciousness about starting a new year on the faith. And my son screaming just before communion: "Has finished?, Can we go home?"And me? Just feeling that every soul in Church has heared his bright little tiny voice. More prayers for my Advent Prayer buddies (the one who prays for me, and the one who I pray for she).

Day 2, Monday 28 November. CD 18
Praying a Holy Mary and trying to arrive on time to NAET practitioner office.  A session to treat T3 hormone with Yolk. Checked and allergy gone. Strange? I have the feeling it will be a milestone!
That is the way I have been taking rid of my interminable allergies that maintained my life kidnapped. Day by day achieving freedom. If you have allergies or just things that do not feel right and the medicine just control, I suggest use of NAET.

Afternoon Mass with DH. Day of less domestic help. Chiropractor session totally forgotten. Intense preparation of big donor prospect meeting and posterior cancellation. Apparent esterile work. No cervical mucus appereance and it is CD 18! Offering of feeling frustrated and making an effort to trust in God.

Day 3, Tuesday 29 November. CD 19
Tennis and a day of making things slowly. And still, there are dry days. Making an effort to stay at home and deal alone with kids. Using creativity and buckets of patience. Success.

I couldn't arrived to monthly retreat because I made arrangements not to go due to meeting, cancelled after. More offering for Advent Prayer buddy. Afternoon Mass. Maybe one of the coldest days I ever lived in my whole city life. But guess what?! I didn't feel bad!! Is the exercise? Or finally my hormones are becoming equilibrated thanks to my long NAET treatment!? Let's see! Thanks to my Advent Prayer buddy who is sustaining me during this Advent Time, hope and conversion time.

Day 4. Wednesday 30 November. CD 20
Offering making payments. Also feeling of uncertainty about money in the account. I know is stupid, but I have to deal with that. Trying to relax and going deeper in Jesus Heart.

Session with chiropractor at afternoon. This time I take the kids and incredible I knew he was going to say what he told about Mariabeatriz. Shorter left leg. Little adjustment and everything settled. My elder boy is perfect, no adjustment needed. And for me,  advancing and the gift feeling better. Definitely is working. Gift of God! Even if I didn´t expect it. Thanks for your prayers dear Advent Prayer buddy, wherever you are!

Finally pre-client assignments sent to my supervisor. Only remains Chart Correction. Offering effort to do so for my Advent Prayer Buddy!!

Day 5, Thursday 1st December. CD 21
Patience, patience, patience. Day of Advent preparation at elder son school. Having to make an effort to contain opinion, but finally exploded saying about the kids behaviour. It is understood as an agression and not as an obedience behaviour in our lacerated educational community. Of course, I do not feel heared by principal. Offering this situation. I know Our Holy Mother is the patron of our school. So need to trust.

Great time with old friends at a breakfast celebrating one´s birthday. All of them possible FertilityCare System Clients. Endorphines!! Something happened because I got a lot of cervical Mucus! Why? I insist. Feeling loved, the consequence of friendship?

Meeting with the person I chose to ask about Trans.ferFactor. Office is walking from house. Spent 200 usd but having the strong feeling that this will help. I heared Dr. H about the uses in a conference and in personal meeting with him he said I would work. I still do not registered with the PP.VI I, but frankly knowing I needed to start with this.

Cervical Mucus appeared! Great! Isn´t!?

Day 6, Friday 2 December. CD 22
Day of stupidity. I offer my feelings to you dear Advent Buddy. Long meeting at Josemaria's school. Again, principal in a deffensive attitude. Parents not heared. The meeting's theme? Behaviour rules. Jesus! Where are going to end!? Apparentely sterile conversation. 

Arriving 15 minutes late to my tennis class. Another thinking about for you my dear buddy prayer and of course for Na.Pro in latinamerica and all intentions, particularly AMTTBAM. 

DH he arrived to lunch at home. He asked me to buy him a ticket to Guate.mala. He has sold a project there and he is going... ...from december 19 to 23... ...strong feeling of being abandonned. Why? Kids on vacation, cold weather, maybe. The most is that I felt he didn't ask me about the plan. It is just that! Bad conversation after this event. Spent afternoon with kids and DH in club. Screaming of my oldest son because he didn't want to say thanks to chief of tennis clinic for an popsicle she gave to him. My irritability arriving to dangerous levels without my awareness. What happened next? Arriving home to bath kids. DH sit reading. Me, with kids at tube. 5 minutes and elder son drop eu.cering expensive gel soap all around in 2 seconds! Bubbles everywhere. Screaming of the kids. Chaos.  Why I didn't prevail that could happen? Trying to figure out in my about a fiscal problem with a dental great expense! Another lesson about need to separate thinking about work or home management during attending kids. 

I screamed at Josemaria. And more crying and more irritation. Lost of control. Not even having chance to offer. Feeling bad several hours later. Good, that after I went with DH to the movies and had chance to give my mind a break. Good as well that my husband prepared (from a box of course) a delicious fondue for the kids and us. This helped a lot to settle hormones back and to have chance to have a big hug with the soap killer, pray and sleep them in peace. More offers for you, Prayer Buddy

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