Hidden stealers of cervical mucus

My aunt died two weeks ago. Single and with no children. She worked since teenager to help her parents. Born in LA in 1927, raised in the USA and taken back to Mexico, just after the war ended.

I have been named with her name. So I feel I have a strange connection with her. Again another moment in my life that God has settled to get make me connect to his love.

Everything was very quick. My aunt was going to celebrate her 84th birthtday the day she began to feel really bad.  Her intestine just stopped. The first time in her entire life that she passed the night at a hospital. And went out the next day, but only to came back the following one. Just for die. In the perfect time, after seeing her nephews, nieces, brother and sister. Perfect use of resources. She was and lived in that way.

Last five years she began to have problems with memory. And she was suffering because of the death of my father. Her belowed brother. They held a very fraternal relationship. In 1973 she began to colaborate with my father as an accountant of capital campaigns in Mexico. At the end she counted over 200 million dollars!

She was a person who lived what she needed to live. Always putting in first place her family, she decided not to marry after not being lucky with a relationship. But always thinking in her parents, her brothers and sisters in law, her nieces and nephews.

When she got 79, my husband and I helped her to get her retirement. And she planned very well about her money. She wanted to live alone until the most she could. But for the last 4 years was not possible anymore. So, was a great pain for me that she were with such poor memory and alone in a residency for elderly people. At the same time I was in the first years of my two children, so really we hadn´t other option but what we have done.

So, I really felt that God had decided to take her after a long, well lived life.

Very proud of my brothers and sister, of my cousins because everybody was helping during her last hours. In fact she was being taken care by a cousin, that took her to her house and was the one who was in charge very carefully last months.

The funeral was very simple but beautiful. We had a Mass the first day after her death with a priest friend of the family. Then in saturday, when the deposit of the traces, we had another Mass, with songs, flowers and in first place her little grandchildren nephews. So faith was present and sad because of death, but definetely with the joy of hope. Good farewell dear aunt!

And what happened with my cycle? Clear effects of stress during the first days: long cycle.

Why? If I didn´t feel that I was sad about my aunt? Could be something in my deep unconsciousness that makes my body react? I do not know. And I would like to. I can´t imagine how many stealers of my precious cervical mucus my body have to deal with daily and I don´t even realize about them!

How to manage this and learn not to get every stressor inside my body? I have to learn a lot. Subject of study. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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