Saying goodbye to 2011.

Biological infertility, a consequence of multiple underlying causes.
Health is a miracle that is granted to the one who looks for it.

Two statements that are confirmed in my year-end reflection.

Today, browsing blogs, I found a video on "functional medicine". It helped me to confirm some of my thoughts about what I'm doing to have a health every day let me be a better wife, better mother. And when I say mother, I mean not just a pregnancy at age 42! However, the openness to life that God gives us, makes me say: Let it be your will, Lord! My focus is to do, what I have to do: manage my health state, take care personally of my body and soul. Taking care of my person. The temple that God gave me to take care with the promise that He would dwell on it.

Well, back to the point. I've always had a sense that what happens to me has multiple causes. Some of them with a very long, long history. Like the thimerosal I used for so many years for my contact lenses. 

Confirmation of this began, when the first time in my life, Dr. H took a look at my charts. That was in April this year. Then, when I see him in October, just finishing EPI.

Adding, there are 13 factors that I have made in the handling of my case. I commented to Dr. H my priorities and I concluded that my plan would begin MODIFYING THE UNDERLYING CAUSES of lifestyle that were within my reach.

What would they be? 
- Cortisol imbalance
- Inflammation
- My response to stress
- Improve my immune system.

I have clear that all this factors are well linked and that contributed to the underlying causes of the rest of the symptoms and other causes, still out of my reach. Strategic action.

In addition, doing these would not need surgery and could I make them in Mexico. Right inmediately. So, I got to work!

Tennis, NAET, chiropractic treatment (idea which I built up thanks to blog reading), Trans.ferFac.tor Plus, blogging, praying, drop bossing, reframing continuously and many other new practices...

This was back in October. Only 3 months ago. 

Something is working!

Systematical thinking! That's what I've been doing. Observe, record, test, test, change and start over. The effects are felt.

I know, there is more work to be done. The difference is that know I have a methodic acting.

Definitely in my life, miracles need to be worked! Thanks God for giving me the key :)

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