Advent Journey Part III

Day 9. Monday 5 December. CD 25
New week. Feeling better day by day. NAE.T session with accupuncture to change the way my body uses cortisol in its cells. Now this is going to result in another milestone!! Great sensation. Then we are going to do estradiol, FSH and progesterone, the three of them with egg. I am sure this is working. Why? It sounds very logic that FSH is high because egg or ovum cell not responding. Hopeful.

Did a lot of daily tasks that I had pending, such as payments, invoices, and gathering documents. Great sensation also. Trying to go little by little. Need to offer for my ABP. I do not enjoy too much this paper stuff! Thankyou ABP because I noticed this little details asking graces for you.

A normal day with kids, football and a great idea: going to the toystore to strategic planning! They chose their toys for Christmas list. A lot of endorphines enjoying this beautiful moment with them. I bought an ice-cream for them and me, and  I bought a beautiful Xmas tree at Wal.mart! Definetely a memorable afternoon.

Mass with DH at 20hrs, with kids already sleeping. Thinking about all the ones who asked me to be present in my prayers. Good to saw a girl who I knew had a miscarriage after 2 years TTC, with obvious signs of advanced pregnancy. Yei!! Good for her.

Day 10. Tuesday 6 December. CD 26
Saint Nicholas. By this day I already know that my cycle is going to be of 34 days. What incredible sensation of certainty gives CrM charting!! It has been my life saver for so many years now. It is something I learn from, and shows me that we must take to make that the Fertili.tyCare opportunity is available in Guadalupe´s land.

An hour of tennis early in the morning. Delicious way to gathering endorphines and to correct my cortisol curve! Today I achieved good technique for smash playing. Cold weather is going better because of this exercise. Glorious! Very thankful to my Holy Mother that I feel she is in charge personally of my treatment and health seeking.  10 minutes of sauna and a shower. Treatment on my hair that is beggining to need a cut. A little of physical pampering to help my cortisol and bunch of hormones to acquire balance. yeah! I know we are advancing on it. Now, I can get concentrated on praying without beggining to yawn endlessly. 

Today was chiropractor day. Third week of treatment. Incredible idea! I can feel my body answering to the adjustments. Better digestion, pain lessening despite I am in days of potential PMS. Enough physical force. I can see it in my tennis playing and in daily tasks. Something else that is helping a lot: Transferfactor plus daily. In my life, miracles are worked. 

A prayer also can be of thankfulness. So they go for you, dear ABP.

Meeting with the firm team. So satisfactory! Very motivating clients and projects. Afterwards another time in a Sta.rbucks to have time to work. I used my time to finish my pre-client assignments and to re do part four with which I had enormous problems on comprehension.

Mass with DH at 20 hrs (I love this time!!) and a going to bookshop to spend some time reading. I sat in the cafeteria and I asked for "molletes", delicious grilled bread with cheese and beans with a "pico-de gallo" salsa. Mmmmm!! Yummie! At the same time hold a conference call by sk.ype with my supervisor.

Day 11. Wednesday 7 December. CD 27
Meeting at my son's school with psychologist. We are concerned about the environment. Some aggressive behaviors of kids affect class relationships. I felt receptiveness. God! I have been praying for this. Little daughter was left at home with nanny, so needed to offer for you ABP.

Then, meeting with the most known and controversial pro-life leader down here. Historic interview! I asked all what I needed to. Incredible way of praying and working. The whole system he founded, saves throughout lat.inamerica at least 100 babies daily!!! As well, they save the souls of their vulnerable pregnant mothers. In many cases it is a teenager with very, very sad stories, full of injustice, behind. Please pray for him and for the network of people (including donors, friends, volunteers and staff) that makes this silent titanic labor.

Afterwards picking up DH @ "Club de Ind.ustriales", which is in the J.W Ho.tel and where very important meetings are held daily. It was a Board Meeting of one of our clients, but he finished just before lunch. I only walked and no entering because there was special corps that guard the President. We had plans to eat together. We couldn't went to our italian favorite restaurant, bud we had a very good argentinian lunch. In a rush because we needed to go back to the south part of the city for a report meeting with the Board President of a client institution who gathers catholic entrepreneurs who want to apply Christian Social Doctrine into their business. He is an entrepreneur himself. So very productive and interesting meeting. I considered myself privileged! Prayers of thanks on behalf my dear ABP. Also for you, the one who is praying for me.

Immaculate Conception's Eve Mass with DH. How thankful I am with this gift!! At the beginning of our marriage, we had opportunity to assist together. Even to spend sometimes adoration with no time problem. But then, with kids, dramatic change. And struggling with business. We had not time to do it daily together. I suffered a lot that. I knew he needed as much as I pray and daily Mass.

Day 12. Thursday 8 December. CD 28.
The so waited, Feast day!!! The congretation who founded my school, taught me to celebrate this day since very young. 
After getting up, breakfast and leave kids at school, my tennis class!! Glorious endorphins!

I was told by MTTBAM about the devotion of hour of grace. Our Mother promised to come back to earth each 8 of december from Noon to 13 hours. So,  how I was going to throw away such opportunity!?! Then, I ran in my tennis to the chapel of the Op.usDei center near my home. Incredible gift!! Alone in the chapel. With the Holy Eucharist reigning in the tabernacle for the world. Me and he and her mother. So many things to be meditated!  I know this devotion is becoming fruitful! Not because miracles could be seen, just because my heart feels the connection. I just remembered about the frost said to become of an image in Colombia that my dear friend show me two or three months ago. The image was the same of the devotion I learn to do today: Mary of Mystical Rose of Montichari.

Lunch with kids after picking them at school. Homeworks and somethings left in my To Do list. Afternoon at club, them playing, and me with FCI assignments. 

No car because DH took it to make a periplus in the city, which in december resembles to hell. I was not going out of the neighborhood, but the evening Mass is held at 10 minutes car trip. So asked for a taxi and met with DH. Thankful prayers for you dear ABP. 

Tried to go to cinema, but not good movies. Instead, stayed at home and prepared a delicious risotto for us while kids already sleeping!

Day 13. Friday 9 December. CD 29.

CD 29. Remember the times where this day of cycle was day of questioning and the beginning of montlhy pain.

Without CrM in my life before, I would be thinking that I had a delay. And in that times, gynecologist sending a pregnancy test. And my tears after a new negative result! Without even knowing anything!! Fishing in the dark reproductive medicine! Thank you for the answer Dr. H!! Now I know I have to focus on make this offer available for more women.

Grateful for what I know now! Heart without fear because knows how the body works. 

So expected planning day for Na.Pro here!! DH an I traveled through the busy an infernal city to a a very crowdy area these days, which is not so far away where MTTBAM lives. Incredible session. So many things! Professionally documented, we are going to have the interview well planned. In my heart, I know that we are raising the money we need, as well as the will and support of somebody who has a mission shared with us. We are going to be able to officially agree how to continue involving him in this entrepreneurship.

Day 14. Saturday 10 December. CD 30.
Beautiful morning spent at home. Doing nothing. Breakfast with a lot of time. Playing with kids in the yard. Getting a little bit of sun. A coffee well done, no rush at all. Updating my blog and preparing us to lunch outside together. Maybe going to the movies and then afternoon to read after children already sleeping. Let´s see!! Prayers for you dear ABP!!

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