Advent Journey Part II

Day 7 Saturday 3rd December. CD 23
Weekend. Thanks God! Way to the party of my sister's son who is his fourth birthday. She asked us to arrive where was going to be by noon. The party was going to take place where our family house was. A place near a golf club where any of my brothers and sister nor me live near.  Despite both mom and dad have passed away, we maintain that house for many inexplicable reasons, matter of maybe a future publication. So, long long way to Mexico City suburb. Certainly strong traffic and two anxious kids in the car. And two parents, stressed because the trip and the family gathering.

I really do not know, how we manage NOT to arrive on time to almost any place! We do not sleep until late; we just need to close the house and go out. But no, in general we start our way at the time we are supposed arrive to where we are going.

Now is 13 hours and we are still on the way, very very  far away. Maybe we will make 40 minutes or an hour. Patience to the bucket of offerings for my Advent Prayer Buddy.

Trying at the same time no to kill DH! I feel he do not cooperate. Think is absurd because he does. But, we are going to be late. I think that containing my impulse counts a lot and Our Lord will use it for the good of my ABP.

Day 8. Sunday 4 December. CD 24
2nd Advent Sunday! Yei!! Opportunities to gather pills of strength in spiritual life.
So began the day with great family breakfast. Easy see and enjoy my little presents from God.

Bad news. Today we have another birthday party. We need to go, because I know my son was one of the three invited of the whole classroom. For making it more challenging (why not?), the birthday party was going to be a pool party. So, new kind of offerings for my ABP. Preparing the suitcaise: diapers, clothes, more clothes, shoes, sandals, sunblocker, etc... ...the whole house.

Eventhough we get up early... Guess what?! We started our trip almost one hour late. We neither went to Mass at the morning. Grrrrr... the mother whispers for herself and tries to stay calmed and smiling. Besides we arrived late, of course, our both incredible children decided not to enter to the pool at the pool party. Dot.

After one hour in political dialogue (yes, one entire hour! it´s amazing how stubborn that a two-year-old princess can be) to convince them to get into the pool. Great!! Only 20 minutes of splashing and they need to get out, rushing to more activities. More for you, dear Advent buddy prayer!!

Next step: intoxicate your own people with colourings, carbohidrates, sugars, sodas... ...when you get what you do not consider enough. Try to get out in a polite manner. We do so. So we were out at 15 hours with the empty stomach and late to any familiar dominical option. Kids? With prominent eyeballs due to previous intoxication.

So, urgent parental board meeting. And we decided, why not? VISIT TO GRANDPARENTS!!! Yes, that is the only place we have enough trust to arrive so late, tired, with two little sacks and really starving at 15:30 a sunday. Just needed to present a Shrek´s cat face and ready!!

But nothing is for free. Kids need to stay connected to something until detox completed. Easy, only one children´s movie at grandparents house: Ratatouille in its playing number 1,000,003. Don´t worry!! It still works!! And in that way, grown children of papa and mama can have a little time to hear the elders patiently.

The end: attending Advent Mass at 19 hours, kids and parents exhausted. Worst scenario possible, but Mercy of God through his Guardian Angels, operated a plan for us and everything flowed smoothly. Thus, we arrived home with an exultant heart to rest and continue our adventure for the next week of hope. Now, being grateful, on behalf of my Advent Prayer Buddies, that are sustaining me, wherever they are.

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