Advent Journey VI- He has appeared! with Advent Prayer Buddy Reveal.

Day 21. December 17. CD 37
Any given Saturday. Rest and play with children. Favorite breakfast: pancakes! My daughter loves them! And I make them delicious. My husband is in charge of a good cup of coffee. There's nothing like that first sip in the morning. Despite this, some difficulties in the dialogue. He is in stress because his trip. Is the first international account for our firm. A present of Our Lady of Guadalupe! At the same time, I think I'm nervous about the length of my cycle. I'm a little uncertain in my observations. Now, I do not even have premenstrual pain, or symptoms that preceded AF. I cannot fail on recognizing the good. Thank God! Prayer goes for you Buddy!

Day 22. December 18. CD 38
Relax sunday. Mass early. Lunch and rest. DH doing suitcase. I am feeling abandoned. What happens to me? Undoubtedly, PMS. Well, that's better than what happened in my life before. Bad habit to complain. I have to change! Please Prayer Buddy!

Day 23. December 19. CD ONE!
Today is my last appointment in the year of NAET. Then I will enjoy it! I explain how works: First, there are made a series of tests based on my history with kinesiology. My practitioner decides based on my body's response to various combinations. Normally, it has to do with the situation and experience at the time. For example, lately we have done all the combinations of hormones with egg. That makes my ovaries responsive to the hormones that make up my hormonal cycle. I can also share with the doctor about emotional events which sometimes are included. Bad reaction to those events is completely eliminated. It's like going to build a strong building brick by brick. It is also a special day. My husband on a trip and I have my first Intro Session with a client referred by my friend, colleague and partner AMTTBAM. How nice it is to work as a team! Thank you dear friend! Circus, acrobatics and theater because the lady who helps me in the afternoon with the kids is not coming. Finally I was helped by the nanny. She is an incredible person. I feel exhausted! Why not? Is my first cycle day... ...again... ...in almost 18 years. The feelings is a good offering for Pope intentions. I only see the Cross over my bed, trying to give a sense to the pain of this day. I believe, that anyone who lives IF could agree with me. 

Day 24. December 20. CD 2 
Tennis lesson. I tried to convince my son to come with me. Total failure. Anyway I really enjoyed the class. Offering thanks for you, dear Prayer Buddy. My child helps me to learn to be more humble and patient. Today my niece was born. The second daughter of my sister come by a C-Section. According to my sister that the gynecologist said there could be a natural birth, because "he did not want to risk." This clearly shows our current thinking. My heart cries, but I can not do anything. How would I for a pregnancy and what I fight for sure it was a natural delivery. I called my friend Pilar to eat with her and her daughter. What a nice surprise dinner with her ​​husband and father at home! My children really enjoy visiting. Then we went together to see my sister a few blocks walk. Excitement! Sofía, the baby just arrived to the room when we entered. I think it looks a lot like my sister and therefore me. What a joy it would be for my mom and dad to live this. It is not possible and I must confess I suffer a little. It´s pain of missing people you live.  I got some pampering because by the night I went to a special party for my kids, very traditional in Mexico, which is called Posada, the Novena before Christmas. That means that each day until the big day, we pray, sing a beautiful song, eat all sort of incredible things such as hot punch and candies of every kind. This was in the home of a very dear friend who is also Kindermusik teacher for my children. Incredible gift!
Afterwards a dinner with friends. They are great! Is people we know for almost 15 years! And we share our faith. In fact, our hostess has earned this year a grade in Theology. Five families, husband and wife with children, many backgrounds together. I missed a lot my DH, but I felt among brothers and sisters. We shared a little bit about our experiences this year and about what we needed to say thanks to the Lord. It was very emotional since there was the widow to our friend who passed away last january. Also a young priest, friend of us, joined the group.

Day 25. December 21. CD 3
Besides, I have lived a day in which I realized that I missed the device with which he entered the online bank. This is really serious. When I lost sight of was working in the dining room. Normally I do not, but I am in my office in my house, but as the children are on holiday, I chose to do transactions there. Bad idea! I can not find the gadget ... I really turned down each place of my house. I almost reviewed all boxes, baskets, drawers. Including the dog house and the car... I asked for help, I try to trust. I need go to sleep and still not appears. San Antonio, pray for us and our lost things. AMTTBAM is helping me! I think he has committed 13 coins with me, as tradition says. And prayer, if it is for the sake of him who prays, then it will be effective. I find it very funny at the same time, despite the seriousness of my problem. More learning humility and simplicity.

Day 26. December 22. CD 4 
Yesterday I brought to sleep home my sister's son. I ran to the hospital in the afternoon leaving my children with my cousin. As it was my nephew's birthday, she brought them to eat at a Mac Donalds. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to go the Christmas meeting of the largest pro-life organization in Latin American. 150 Centers for Woman's Aid. 50 in Mexico and 56 in countries from Guatemala to Argentina. Please pray for this network. Daily they save at least 150 lifes of babies and souls of their mothers, preventing abortion. All of them in the highest position of vulnerability before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is considered legal only in Mexico City, so there is an open window to conduct this apostolate. I was invited to the Mass of thanksgiving. A privilege, to share with more than 70 volunteers and employees, including the founders. I have been witness of the courage! And guess what!?!? yes!! The online bank device appeared in the morning. While I was preparing breakfast for the kids, I told them that I was going to give a trophy to the champion who finds it. You have to meet my son. It was the right motivation! I thought it was possible that my little girl took it. And that was what happened! So, I was preparing myself to begin my trip of the day and Josemaría ran into my bathroom screaming: "Mommy! I got the prize!, here is your very important device!" I LOVE HIM! So, I need to pay to Saint Anthony and my friends that helped me. Thanks!!

Day 27. December 23. CD 5
Very, very happy that DH is back! I arrange a meeting with a new person who is going to be in charge of administration. I feel completely relief! I think is a very delicate gift of Mary. She is taking care of me. I like to make numbers, to develop a budget, to make a financial plan and to run it. But what I cannot accept is the bureaucracy of banks, tax office, telephone and cell companies. Really, is like Murphy´s law about inefficiency which prevails in everyday relationship with any of this entities. So, maybe I am going to be able to change and improve on this. Yes!! By night we are going to my brother´s house. They want to have a dinner because each one is going to dinner to their wife´s relatives. I hope my sister doesn´t go. What a surprise! She comes with her husband, her toddler and the baby. I cannot beleive it. She just arrived home with the baby and the c-section. Really I do not understand. If I were in here place, I would do completely the contrary. I really need to make and effort and shut my mouth. Of course, this goes directly to the account of my Prayer Buddy! It counts!

Day 28. December 24. CD 6
Finally the day has arrived! Today we celebrate Christmas Eve at home. only the four of us. Exciting!! What do we do? We woke up late, make pancakes and good coffee. We play, read the newspaper, a shower and got ready slowly. Bought something simple to eat. Besides the things, tomorrow we are goin to take to my brother in law´s house. We returned to the house later. We listen to music, we stay with the children. Enjoying! Since yesterday I started with the symptoms of a cold. I feel better today, but I notice that my son is too. All I know I can help. I think if we've come. Trans.ferfactor Plus has worked together with all other treatments. However, when it's late and I am preparing dinner, my son starts with symptoms of fever. I cannot resist. One day will write about the cause. Basically it was a hospital stay of 20 days. And my life changed. Now I consider myself more proactive and the medical director of my family. Health professionals are my suppliers. It's a paradigm shift. Has been worked. However, it has been a week of many emotions. Distracted, when I went to the kitchen to finish the ham, I heated a jar with honey in the microwave. I got burned two of my fingers! Thanks God only the fingers. It could be worst. You have to see the blister I´ve got. It hurts a lot. My first reaction is complain, but after a while, still in pain, I remember my Prayer Buddy and that my boy is sleeping quietly upstairs. So, I think about my finger in pain as a little present to the one who has appeared! That little baby that smiles to us! Delicious dinner with DH and my two incredible gifts of life sleeping peacefully in their little beds. That is the way baby God has born to my family this year!

 Day 29. December 25. CD 6 and Christmas 2011!! HE HAS APPEARED!!
And last, but not least. I had the honor to pray this Advent for:

I am pretty sure that you intentions will be heard! You will find a dignifying job. Please receive a big hug as a present for Christmas!  It has been joyful reading your concise posts. And the way you express your faith through your words. I love them :) You have to know that I am completely surprised by that present given to you!! God bless you forever!

P.S. Sorry for the delay. I have been having tech problems with my blog. And my typing very slow because finger blister.

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