Advent Journey Part IV

Day 14. December 10. CD 30
Normal saturday. We went to have lunch the four together to Japanese Club. What a great form to rest and to pray during Advent. After their quick lunch, my two kids playing around alone in the playground. DH and I enjoying a tequila, conversation and a delicious teppanyaki. Peace!

Day 15. December 11. CD 31
We have tickets for the Opera at Pala.cio de Bellas Ar.tes! Pagliacci and Cavalleria Rusticana, where Nedda/Colombina is a soprano, my friend since we were in school. So, we are going with some of the girls, my friends of that time! And then, the theatre. You have to see this place. Imponent! Is really like a palace in the middle of the city. Built with white marble. Holds an incredible curtain for the scenario designed in crystal by Tifanny & Co.
Oh! S.O.S! We don't have babysitter for today!! Blank space... ....after a little time of board meeting... ...no worries! We can ask grandma and grandpa. Good idea! Says my son. He is always in every conversation... ...So, we went to leave the kids, but at least we have to pay back with lunch with them. They enjoy so much, but they are old and is not easy, so is not so frequently that we ask them the favour. My friend bought before the tickets for us, so she was waiting at the theatre. Time? 16:15 PM. And we needed to be there at 16:45! Impossible! But it was my DH decision. 

Trying to become more passive and leave him to decide and to lead the way. Soooo hard! Really! Sundays DH stays at that planet of him. Well, finally he decided well. We ran into the metro station! You cannot imagine the contrast between the place we were going and the under world there. Is the perfect example of what Mexico is. Contradiction. And my heart hurts. We are paying $150 pesos, approximately $10 dollars for a single ticket for the Opera. This is more than the almost all the persons traveling with us earns by day!

Miraculously, we arrived. And enjoy an incredible piece of art! Much to give thanks to God in advance for his birth. For me, Art is a way of praying. To meet my human identity, of staring at him, right in the middle of His beautiful Heart, through the beauty, human emotions that can make you feel the actors, the human drama that the author wanted to explain so plastically.

Having this opportunity is a blessing! And at the same time, staying a little bit near of my people, traveling as them. Observing and trying to figure out some stories. I saw a couple, a very young one. The man was carrying a little girl of 2 or 3 years, holding a pink cup with a Disney drawing on it. Made in China, illegal license. Is the only way a girl with his father, an officeboy or a mason to have something like this. In the legal market that costs more than one day of salary! Something is wrong! Then, the wife. A 25 years or something, woman with a wig instead of hair, I noticed after a while. I was trying to guess why. She holds a suitcaise, plenty of clothes, diapers and other things. The metro stopped at the station near the major public hospital zone. Yes! They went out at 9:30 pm. It is not difficult to imagine why. They need to make a row all night to have medical attention in the morning. Maybe her chemotherapy or any procedure. Can anyone imagine this?! They have to sleep waiting outside the clinic with the little girl. And of course, when the mom goes inside, the husband will need to stay outside. There is no place for relatives. Not even a sofa to rest while your wife is there. No words to speak about such injustice. And that is something is continuously see in my country.

I see their sufferings and I feel compassion. Is a way to conitnue giving more thorugh my jobs, dedication and passion to change the world where I live. To serve and make in silence but effectively, that every mexican citizen have equal opportunities that protect their dignity. I know there is so much to do! How can this happen? Mexico is wealthy also! Forbes register many of its world top tycoons here. Is a place where anybody can make money. But why such injustice?

This is one of my inspirations to move forward. I know I cannot do all, but at least we can success in achieving to have the offer of Na.Pro Technology and Fertil.ityCare education, open to many. An then, the dream could become true: Each woman having the opportunity to understand what God have to say her through her body, each couple, each family. One by one. Each woman having access to the medical and gynecological service of the most high quality possible. No mexican woman needs to fight toward any type of cancer before her 30´s! And if she needs,  deserves the best quality ever! Even for dying. Is a social sin. And it seems that Our Holy Mother of Guadalupe wants to be changed in the land She Reigns!

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