Advent Journey Part V

Day 16. December 12. CD 32
Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast! That peace in my heart! Thank you dear Prayer Buddy.

Monday. I needed help getting a lot of patience. Children to school. Running and going to my appointment NAET to eliminate allergies. My body DECIDED something related with hormones and egg. Finally we will focus on the order of the first half of the cycle. Clearly, the stress that affects me. Even in an unconscious way. Glorious treatment! It is working slowly. I feel it in my strength and focus has improved dramatically. Prepare meeting later canceled. But that did not know until the 19 hrs. Just before going to church. We expected this. But I know it like the cat, patiently waiting for the bird. With no offense to the respondent and potential donor for our project. So that my God wants me to be more patient. And I thought that the four-year wait for my first son and I had graduated from patience! Anyway. Very, very grateful!

Day 17. December 13. CD 33
Help! I must confess that is starting to irritate me the fact that the length of this cycle. Clearly the stress on the death of my aunt took its toll. And I always felt that peace and tranquility. Moments like this make me think of what might have been the real effect when I had my mother's grief, illness, uncertainty of infertility, difficulty at work. It's definitely part of my medication and treatment. Becoming aware of how I experience the cosas.Clase tennis and chiropractic session. A gift of Advent! Finally, work session. It hurts a little to let the kids today, but is suspended Kindermusik class and I have a little more time with my professional hat. Take this opportunity to provide for the intentions of my Prayer Buddy.

A long visit to a dear friend who is ill. It is an extraordinary woman for her work presented by life. Now it's Mom! You have symptoms of emotional distress. For me clearly the effects of delayed motherhood. Infertile, his beloved son came by adoption. Another sign that we need to improve the adoption process to avoid this from happening. It is too risky for marriage, child and women. Gynecological problems unresolved. A motivation to continue. Albeit at a snail's pace, but we will succeed in this endeavor.

Day 18. December 14. CD 34
I know. I could be considered obsessive by many. For me doesn't matter anymore. I have a gift today. An extra NAET appointment with my acupuncturist. I cannot help. There is a place and will be my penultimate year. Each session will advance light years. This along with tennis, and chiropractic treatment have been the most miraculous medicines. In fact, I'm in a typical week in which my head had been sleeping on a cloud. Even dangerous to drive! Moreover, difficulty concentrating even in a meeting. Or an entire afternoon to look after children alone. Do not say across the city's busiest week of the year! I really recommend looking for a practitioner who live in the U.S. and have symptoms similar to mine so many allergies, unexplained biological infertility, chronic fatigue, and so on. It is a treatment that I am very lucky to have him so close to my house. Very grateful and offer it for my Prayer Buddy.

Day 19. December 15. CD 35
Today I have a dentist. Hahaha! It seems that I work just to go to consultation throughout the city. It doesn't bother me anymore. I believe in what I am doing to get out of unexplained. This is a delayed dental treatment a couple of years and eventually became more serious. This was in June this year, so I had to invest time. And I have to keep doing it! Why? I think an important part, obviously the dentist does not understand, is due to swelling in my case it takes longer to disappear. My aunt in Colombia gave me a crystal therapy sessions. I must say that did not believe this, but it helped me. Possibly she did so lovingly that worked. What worked was certainly starting to take Trans.ferFactor Plus. I heard Dr. H in one of the sessions as Fert.ilityCare Practitioner program I started in October. It was an adventure to find who sold the product in Me.xico and then start taking it. Finally removed the pain and stopped moving my teeth. All my treatments converge. Then the dentist could make the right impressions. The good news is that we will end before the end of the year! Anyway, for me. A visit to the dentist is still a matter of offering. So it goes for you dear Prayer Buddy.

Meeting over lunch to celebrate Christmas with firm´s team. An another chiropractic session in the afternoon. Millions of small things to solve for the fiscal and financial closure of the year. Many things still unresolved. I still feel pressure, but is to be solved. DH will travel next week. Costs a lot to me. I am trying to trust in prayer specially asking Holy Spirit lights to understand than I am only an instrument. How difficult!

Day 20. December 16. CD 36
We started school vacation! It seems a good thing, but it seems to me that everything changes again. Children in pijamas until late. Mom disorganized. Video player used more often than recommended. Children want to go out some time in the day. At last! Patience, patience, patience. Deposits to the account of my Prayer Buddy.

In addition, a client has decided to make a meal, to which we have invited. 20 km from the city. It's a real sacrifice. Who does not live in the city of Mexico, can not imagine what it means to travel both in the last business day of the year. The good news is I finished my work at noon, bank transfers, leaving the kids and invited to accompany the staff members of our client in the Mass of Thanksgiving. From there we will travel all for the place we go. Here is a photo. It's real!

After the event was great. DH and I went to the outlet. We had 3 hours choosing our Christmas presents. We never really time to choose clothes and some accessories. So this is an opportunity that we booked for this time and celebrate with a new look for Christmas Eve dinner at home or do Christmas lunch which is usually DH's family. Also my brothers and other friends invite a few days before. So this year we are going to go well dressed. Or at least some new stuff. What else I can ask for in life?

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